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Wrist Wraps - Eclipse Line

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This is a limited edition product released for Winter 2019 and will only be available while supplies last.

Stiff Wraps are made in Black.

Flexible Wraps are made in White.

IPF Approved with the maximum width (8cm) and available in three lengths (40cm, 60cm, 1m) and two support types (flexible and stiff).

  • proprietary wide elastics developed and manufactured specifically for wrist support
  • heavy duty thumb loop, specially manufactured alongside the main wide elastic
  • left and right designs for equal wrapping of each wrist (sold as a pair)
  • industrial fastening for longevity and security
  • manufactured exclusively in Great Britain

Support Types:

  • FLEXIBLE: a comfortable wrap for general training and exercises where some wrist flexion is desirable.
  • STIFF: a harsher wrap to immobilise the wrist for maximal pressing movements.