Amélie Picher-Plante

Amélie Picher-Plante

IPF Junior Classic World Championship
2019 - 52kg - Gold

CPU Open Classic National Championship
2023 - 52kg - Silver

CPU Junior Classic National Championship
2019 - 52kg - Gold

Best Lifts
Classic Squat - 155kg
Classic Bench Press - 87.5kg
Classic Deadlift - 183.5kg
Classic Total - 426kg

I started training with the goal of getting into powerlifting in 2017. I participated in my first competition in 2018 after one year of preparation.

I've always approached my athletic pursuits with dedication, transitioning from competitive gymnastics to high-level cheerleading. Upon retiring from those sports, I sought a new challenge. My introduction to powerlifting came through my boyfriend, who was already deeply involved in the sport. Initially, I attended his competitions as a spectator, gaining a firsthand understanding of powerlifting dynamics and drawing inspiration from the female athletes.

Witnessing the meets fueled an immediate desire to step onto the platform myself, and I instinctively knew that powerlifting was the right sport for me. Aspiring to become stronger and more muscular, I embarked on weeks of dedicated training. It wasn't long before I shared with my boyfriend my ambitious goal: to compete at the World Championships.

Not only did I fulfill my dream of participating in the 2019 World Championships, but clinching the title of World Champion in my category marked a significant achievement, especially considering it was only my first year in the sport.

I train at STH Power Gym a powerlifting facility that I take great pride in owning since 2020. We've meticulously customized it to address our unique needs and create a community spirit, uniting fellow powerlifters who share in the collective journey towards strength and success.

I am currently coached by Gabriel Aubé, who is also my boyfriend and business partner.

What is your favourite lifting memory?
My favorite moment was at the 2023 Central Canadian Championships. After months of dedicated work to ensure a high-quality championship as a meet director, I also managed to achieve my best performance to date by setting the Canadian record in total. The support of my team, seated in the front row, added an extra layer of significance in this moment.

What is one piece of advice you have for up and coming athletes getting into strength training or strength sport?
One crucial piece of advice for aspiring athletes entering strength training or strength sports is to prioritize discipline and consistency. Establishing a consistent training routine and adhering to it with discipline are fundamental for long-term progress. Additionally, seek the guidance of a knowledgeable coach who can provide personalized direction and optimize your training program. Remember that progress takes time, so be patient with yourself and celebrate the small victories along the way.

What is your favourite lift or event?

What is your favourite product and why?
The SBD Singlets offer a perfect blend of comfort and durability, showcasing an aesthetic design that elevates both performance and style.

What 3 other items are your go to and why?
10mm Belt
Flexible Medium Wrist Wraps
The 10 mm Belt features an easily adjustable lever mechanism, delivering robust support without compromising flexibility. The Wrist Wraps offer excellent support with a medium level of stiffness, providing the perfect balance I need. T-Shirts boast a great fit and comfortable material for optimal wear.

What colourway is your favourite and why?
It perfectly aligns with my preference for simplicity and elegance. The visual harmony it creates with my black and white shoes enhances the overall aesthetic. Wearing it evokes a sense of strength and confidence.

Why do you believe SBD is the gear all athletes should use?
SBD is a well-known brand in the strength sports community, particularly for its high-quality powerlifting gear. SBD's products are not only durable but also approved by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). The brand's commitment to exceptional customer service enhances the overall athlete experience, while the sleek and stylish design adds an aesthetic flair.

Why do you believe in working with SBD Canada as a Sponsored Athlete?
In my eyes, SBD is undeniably one of the biggest players in the powerlifting industry, known for offering high-quality products. The brand goes beyond merely providing equipment; it actively supports athletes, enabling us to reach our goals and aspirations in a developing amateur sport. The combination of SBD's top-tier athletic gear and their commitment to athlete support makes them a standout choice in the competitive realm of powerlifting.

Photo Credits: Profile Picture-White Lights Media; Squat-Nyshe Media

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