Joanna Rieber

Joanna Rieber

IPF Open Classic World Championship
2018 - 52kg - 6th
2016 - 52kg - No total
2015 - 52kg - 6th

IPF Master Classic World Championship
2021 - 52kg - Gold

IPF Open Classic Bench Press World Championship
2019 - 52kg - Bronze

IPF Master Classic Bench Press World Championship
2019 - 52kg - Gold

CPU Open Classic National Championship
2019 - 52kg - Silver
2018 - 52kg - Gold
2017 - 52kg - Gold
2016 - 52kg - Gold
2015 - 52kg - Gold
2014 - 52kg - Gold

CPU Master Classic National Championship
2023 - 52kg - Gold
2022 - 52kg - No total
2020 - 52kg - Gold

Best Lifts
Classic Squat - 150kg
Classic Bench Press - 100.5kg
Classic Deadlift - 165kg
Classic Total - 412.5kg

I started lifting in 2012 after a very brief foray into bodybuilding while on maternity leave with my second son. I fell in love with powerlifting pretty quickly! I’ve competed nationally and internationally since 2014. I have won 5 open national titles and have held many national records in both open and masters 1 categories (some of which still stand).

My greatest achievements include representing Canada at world championships numerous times; I have medaled in bench press in both open and masters categories. I have been both a bench world champion and a master 1 world champion . My more recent favorite accomplishment is finally hitting a 400 plus total (412kg) at 52kg as a master lifter and putting myself back in the top 15 ranked females lifters in all age and weight categories.

What is your favourite lifting memory?
This one is tough to narrow down but I believe my first world championship in Finland in 2015 is still up there. The sense of ‘team Canada ‘ has never been the same since that time. I won a bronze medal in bench which I wasn’t expecting and came 5th overall.

What is one piece of advice you have for up and coming athletes getting into strength training or strength sport?
Comparison is the thief of joy. I wish I’d taken this advice earlier. There will always be someone doing more , lifting more , etc. You have to do you.

What is your favourite lift or event?
Bench obviously!

What is your favourite product and why?
13mm Belt
This belt revolutionized lifting belts. The adjustability is a game changer. It is a sturdy belt which gives great support yet is comfortable even on those of us without torsos.

What 3 other items are your go to and why?
Powerlifting Knee Sleeves
Knee Sleeves
The knee sleeves are essential for both training and competing. I like having the option of wearing a lighter looser sleeve on volume days and a more compressive sleeve on heavy days or competitions. The t shirts are a great fit and are perfect both in and out it the gym.

What colourway is your favourite and why?
I just like the colours!

Why do you believe SBD is the gear all athletes should use?
It’s second to none in quality and performance. Made by lifters for lifters. There is no comparison.

Why do you believe in working with SBD Canada as a Sponsored Athlete?
SBD has supported me since nearly the beginning of my career. Through ups and downs and everything in between. The support and encouragement is second to none.

Photo Credits: Profile Picture-International Powerlifting Federation; Squat-White Lights Media

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