Ryan Stinn

Ryan Stinn

IWGA World Games
2017 - Superheavyweight (120kg/120+kg) - 6th

IPF Master Classic World Championship
2022 - 120+kg - Silver

IPF Open Equipped World Championship
2019 - 120+kg - 9th
2017 - 120+kg - 6th
2016 - 120+kg - 10th
2014 - 120+kg - 4th
2013 - 120+kg - 12th
2012 - 120+kg - 11th
2011 - 120+kg - 13th
2008 - 125+kg - 6th

IPF Master Equipped World Championship
2022 - 120+kg - Gold

CPU Open Classic National Championship
2013 - 120+kg - Silver

CPU Master Classic National Championship
2023 - 120+kg - Gold
2022 - 120+kg - Gold

CPU Open Equipped National Championship
2020 - 120+kg - Silver
2019 - 120+kg - Gold
2016 - 120+kg - Gold
2015 - 120+kg - Gold
2014 - 120+kg - Silver
2011 - 120+kg - Bronze
2010 - 125kg - 5th
2009 - 125+kg - Gold
2008 - 125+kg - Gold
2007 - 125+kg - Silver

CPU Master Equipped National Championship
2022 - 120+kg - Gold

Best Lifts
Classic Squat - 310kg
Classic Bench Press - 210kg
Classic Deadlift - 317.5kg
Classic Total - 822.5kg

Equipped Squat - 405kg
Equipped Bench Press - 330kg
Equipped Deadlift - 338kg
Equipped Total - 1067.5kg

I've been in the sport since 2005 when a friend dragged me into powerlifting.

My biggest accomplishments are competing at the 2017 World Games and winning Master 1 Equipped Worlds in 2022. I train out of our personal gym, Unparalleled, in Moose Jaw, SK.  I am currently coaching myself, but I have worked with a few great coaches throughout my lifting career, including Jeff Butt as my first coach, Blaine Sumner, Mike Tuchscherer, and Bryce Krawczyk.

What is your favourite lifting memory?
Lifting at the World Games in 2017 was the best lifting experience.  A close second was competing at Nationals in 2020 against Erik Willis, where Erik, Bryce Krawczyk and myself all totalled over 1050kg, the three biggest totals ever in the CPU.

What is one piece of advice you have for up and coming athletes getting into strength training or strength sport?
Take your time, find a good coach you can trust, and trust them. Coach hopping won't get you better faster.

What is your favourite lift or event?

What is your favourite product and why?
13mm Belt
It's simply the best belt on the market, from leather quality to ease of adjustability.

What 3 other items are your go to and why?
Powerlifting Knee Sleeves
Flexible Medium Wrist Wraps
Elbow Sleeves
The powerlifting knee sleeves feel great, great compression throughout the whole range of motion. Medium flexible wraps are all you really need for even the heaviest of lifts.  The elbow sleeves are my go to for whenever my elbows get cranky.

What colourway is your favourite and why?
I really like the colourway as dark green is a go to colour in my day to day life.

Why do you believe SBD is the gear all athletes should use?
SBD has the highest quality gear available, made in the UK.

Why do you believe in working with SBD Canada as a Sponsored Athlete?Because of all that they're doing within the sport.

Photo Credits: Profile Picture-White Lights Media; Squat-White Lights Media

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