Kerry Dennison

Kerry Dennison

IPF Open Classic World Championship
2023 - 120kg - 6th

CPU Open Classic National Championship
2023 - 120kg - Gold
2022 - 120kg - Bronze
2020 - 120kg - Silver
2019 - 120kg - 4th
2018 - 120kg -5th
2017 - 105kg - 5th

CPU Junior Classic National Championship
2016 - 105kg - 4th
2015 - 93kg - Gold

Best Lifts
Classic Squat - 310kg
Classic Bench Press - 215kg
Classic Deadlift - 367.5kg
Classic Total - 875kg

I started lifting weights in Highschool at 16 years old, and discovered the sport of powerlifting 5 years later at the age of 21. I got into the sport through friends at my University and eventually did my first competition in 2014.

My biggest accomplishment to date is winning my first open national title in 2023 which earned me a spot at my first IPF classic world championship and my spot with SBD Canada as a sponsored athlete. A close second is pulling my first 800 pound deadlift in 2018.

I train at Fortis West in Etobicoke, ON. My coach is Austyn Ryan, who I have been working with since 2020, and guidance has been invaluable in my powerlifting journey.

What is your favourite lifting memory?
Winning my first open national title in 2023.

What is one piece of advice you have for up and coming athletes getting into strength training or strength sport?
Enjoy the process. Lifting is a lifelong journey!

What is your favourite lift or event?

What is your favourite product and why?
10mm Belt
I love the 10mm belt because it is just as supportive as the 13mm but not nearly as bulky.

What 3 other items are your go to and why?
Powerlifting Knee Sleeves
Flexible Large Wrist Wraps
These three items are a go to for me because they are essential items for competition. When I’m wearing these, I know I’m well prepared for lifting.

What colourway is your favourite and why?
I love the original red and black design. It’s what I first remember seeing when SBD first launched and will always have a special place in my heart.

Why do you believe SBD is the gear all athletes should use?
I believe SBD is the gear all athletes should use because it is the highest quality. Whenever SBD makes a product, I know before I even have it that it will exceed any and all expectations I had.
Why do you believe in working with SBD Canada as a Sponsored Athlete?
I believe in working with SBD Canada as a sponsored athlete because they have done so much for powerlifting, and I am grateful to be a part of the journey as one of their athletes. They have granted more opportunities for lifters over any other brand since the time that they became part of the community. I look forward to everything they do, because I know that they have powerlifting’s best interest at the core of their thought process.
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