Scott Robertson

Scott Robertson

IPF Master Classic World Championship
2023 - 120kg - Gold
2022 - 120kg - Gold
2021 - 120kg - Gold

IPF Master Classic Bench Press World Championship
2024 - 120kg - Bronze
2019 - 120kg - 7th

IPF Master Equipped Bench Press World Championship
2024 - 120kg - Gold

CPU Master Classic National Championship
2023 - 120kg - Gold
2022 - 120kg - Gold
2020 - 120kg - Gold
2019 - 120kg - Silver

Best Lifts
Classic Squat - 320kg
Classic Bench Press - 217.5kg
Classic Deadlift - 290kg
Classic Total - 807.5kg

Equipped Bench Press - 277.5kg

I competed at my first competition in 2015, followed by a 2 year break.  I met my coach who told me that your not even a lifter if you cant get 400 Wilks . The next time I lifted I broke that barrier with a 400.6. I have won IPF master worlds 3 times and was also the best M2 at all 3 events.

I currently hold BCPA , NAPF, CPU, Commonwealth and IPF world record's. I live in Richmond, BC and I am a partner at Jungle Gym, also located in Richmond.  In my down time, there is nothing better then going out for a great steak, and having a glass of wine with family and friends.

What is your favourite lifting memory?
The first time I competed, I submitted my attempts and the ref asked me if i was sure about that and said "you know this has to be in KGS"! That same meet I did not know what I needed for equipment and I had to cut the legs off my underwear so I could lift.

What is one piece of advice you have for up and coming athletes getting into strength training or strength sport?
Time, food and recovery is the key.

What is your favourite lift or event?
My favorite lift is the squat.  As it is the first lift in a contest, getting that adrenaline rush, the knots in my belly when my name gets called knowing I'm about to put 300 plus kilograms on my back!

What is your favourite product and why?
10mm Belt
The SBD 10mm belt has the best fit and feel for a belt I have used.

What 2 other items are your go to and why?
Powerlifting Knee Sleeves
The SBD gear has the bet performance and fit.

What colourway is your favourite and why?
I love the look of black on black.

Why do you believe SBD is the gear all athletes should use?
SBD gear is by far the best built gear in the business.

Why do you believe in working with SBD Canada as a Sponsored Athlete?
SBD Canada provides great products for me as an athlete.

Photo Credits: Profile Picture-Lucas Lens; Squat-Lucas Lens

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